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Custodian Of Medical Records

What is a Medical Records Custodian?

The medical records custodian is the person or company that has been designated to handle your private healthcare records so that you or your practice can be free of legal obligation and future medical record requests from patients. Each state/country/province has their own guidelines for how long you will need to store your patient records. Patients can contact Morgan Records Management at anytime to get physical or electronic copies delivered to them.

Closing Your Medical Practice?

  • * All patient files will be securely transported to our facility.
  • * We will take your medical records and digitize if needed.
  • * We will export your files from your EMR and house them ourselves.
  • * You will give notice to your patients that we will be the custodian of your medical records.
  • * You will give notice to your state medical board about the changes.
  • * All health information requests go through us as your medical record custodian.
  • * Patients will be able to sign request form, send back securely, and receive any requested medical record.

Benefits of a Medical Records Custodian

Document Scanning & Storage — Morgan Records will scan and store all your files for future medical records requests from patients/attorneys/medical facilities.
All requests will be sent to Morgan Records, your custodian of medical records. You will draft a notice for your patients, informing them of how and where to obtain copies of their medical records once the practice is closed. Sounds easy right? It is!

All medical records are scanned and/or exported, unless in paper format. If you still have physical files, we will scan them and get them into PDF form. If you have an EMR software we are able to export all medical records out of it. From there we will be able to securely store all files under HIPAA guidelines.

No need to worry about your medical records. Once we know the exact amount of time your state requires for your medical records to be kept for you, we will be able to close your doors the right way.


Medical Records Releasing

Medical Records Releasing

Helping Medical Facilities reduce the risk of breaches, achieve compliance and improve financial performance.

Save your hospital or health system valuable time and resources with Morgan Records Management Release of Information (ROI) solution. Standardization, or even centralization, of your hospital ROI processes can help protect your organization. With our state-of-the-art technology and flexible services, your facility will:
* Reduce risk
* Improve productivity
* Enhance patient, staff and requester satisfaction

We help stand-alone hospitals and multihospital systems, as well as physician offices improve compliance to avoid breaches and financial and reputational harm. Our HIPAA-compliant ROI services can be used individually or in combination to increase cash flow, protect revenue and improve overall financial performance.

Whether your medical records are paper, fully electronic or a hybrid of the two, we have a solution, which will meet your needs.

Fully Outsource: Outsource the entire release of information function to us for a fully compliant, HIPAA-certified, standardized process. MRM staff manages the entire process from receiving the request and providing customer service to the fulfillment of the request. In addition, our fully outsourced offering increases productivity while your facility enjoys a cost reduction.

ROI Partner: Use your own staff to fulfill medical record requests in conjunction with MRM Release of Information technology. MRM ROI Partner gives you a secure, compliant solution to help prevent breaches and become a revenue-generating department.

Remote ROI: By gaining secure, remote access to your electronic health record, we can process all medical record requests from our remote processing center in Manchester, NH. This allows you to reallocate space and resources to revenue producing functions and further speeds turnaround time of all requests.