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Blue Wrap Recycling

Blue Wrap Recycling

Our Solution

Morgan’s Blue Wrap Recycling solution is an eco-friendly alternative for disposing of your hospital’s clean blue wrap, while promoting your sustainability initiatives and driving down your commercial waste cost.

How it Works

Simple, easy and effective. Clean blue wrap is placed into recycling receptacles, conveniently placed within the operating rooms. Hospital staff collect the blue wrap and place the bagged material into a Morgan Records cart. A Morgan Service Technician arrives at the shipping dock on your scheduled pick up day and transports the material to our secure facility for processing. All blue wrap is sent to a recycler where it’s melted down into resin and re-purposed into recycled plastic products.

Reliable Service and Reportings

Our customers receive Sustainability Reports that show how much blue wrap was diverted from the landfill into sustainable products to help them with their environmental efforts, which can be shared with partners, patients and employees.

Container Options

Blue Wrap Recycling