Morgan Records Management believes web access is just the beginning of what we can offer our clientele. A record center gains the most value when fully integrated in the records and information management architecture of its clients. That’s why we offer our clients ActiveWeb.


ActiveWeb, Morgan Records Management’s unique web interface, represents the fastest and easiest access to your entire archived or remotely stored inventory.

Through ActiveWeb you will have 24-hour access to search boxes, files or tapes in your inventory; to call back some of your documents by placing orders with Morgan Records Management; to manage your users and their access rights to the system; to schedule your holidays; and to produce a variety of reports.

ActiveWeb runs on a secure 128 bit SSL encrypted connection.

Active File

Morgan Records management’s ActiveFile Software allows clients to manage all of their information, including active files, imaged and electronic documents, off-site records and backup tapes on a single integrated software platform. You will be synchronized with the Morgan Records Center automatically in real time via the internet. Data is entered only once by the client, saving time and reducing errors. No emails or disks are necessary.


Morgan Records Management’s ActiveFile Software enables small- to mid-size businesses to monitor and track their documents with a simple, user-friendly interface. Users can manage documents located in their own offices, filling cabinets, file rooms or any other linked location, including additional offices or off-site Morgan Record Center locations.

ActiveFile includes an integrated web component that allows users remote access to identify, track, retrieve, manage, and create images of their files. It offers real-time inventory status and lets users place and control orders of any box or file in inventory. Images associated with files can be viewed in the web application and reports can be generated and customized with the simple-to-use interface.

Morgan Records Management ActiveFile is a comprehensive solution that helps companies and organizations to track and manage all their information.


  • 16 primary file and/or box metadata information fields
  • Additional 22 on-screen metadata information fields for all boxes and files
  • Ability to add 20 customizable fields for each file stored
  • System generated unique bar code numbers
  • Free form 20 character item number field
  • 250,000 character of indexed note fields in each file and/or box modules
  • Copy & add + batch addition function to accelerate data entry
  • Search module to combine fields for searches
  • Full text searching
  • Operates using intelligent  bar codes
  • Item differentiation through integrated character
  • Configurable mandatory, defaults and dropdowns metadata fields
  • Various types of disposal lists
  • Transfer lists
  • Permanent out or deletion list
  • Internal transfer and move list
  • Automatic creation of disposal lists
  • Fixed and random space allocation for on-site storage
  • Virtual storage functions (images)
  • Dual retention calendar creation for both on and off site  files and boxes
  • Bilingual language options
  • Automatic language selection according to user profile
  • User-defined terminology
  • File and/or box history including every modification and “touch”
  • Global edit and field transfer functions
  • Enterprise defined required fields
  • Enterprise defined tabulation order
  • Real time inventory status
  • Automatic keyword indexing function
  • Automatic keyword indexing function by file and/or box type
  • Built in import and export functionality
  • Place and control orders for boxes and files
  • Inventory and retention information management
  • Variable access and multi-level security options
  • Accessible to users over web
  • Multi- platform, practically maintenance free database
  • User profiles and access logs
  • Easy to use and scalable
  • Customizable individual screens
  • Multitude of canned reports to view and print
  • Integrated SQL report writer easily creates reports on all metadata fields
  • “Finalized” electronic documents cannot be modified
  • “Read only” restricts access to viewing only
  • Multiple list creation criteria
  • Security and access controls applies to user functions and departments
  • Integrated SQL search and query
  • Global edit and field transfer functions
  • Real time inventory management tracks current users and status
  • User groups can be created by or within departments
  • Scanning and managing of images
  • Stores images at an off-site electronic vault
  • Stores images on-site by CDs or large file system
  • Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Indexes images by zone
  • Imaging on demand

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