File Storage is about security, accessibility and value.
Whether you’re in the medical support and healthcare industries, real estate, law or education fields, Morgan Records Management has the storage plan that is right for you. Records are the life blood of business, and moving your records off site provides the following benefits:

Records Storage Benefits


Store your legacy and active business records in a secure, monitored, video surveyed facility.


Don’t pay $10 per square foot or more to store your records on site when you can utilize that same space more productively, efficiently and profitably with an off-site solution.

Controlled Access

Our process provides a built-in audit trail so you always know where to find your vital business records.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Rest assured your business is in compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA and other government and tax regulations.


Your records are stored in a clean, climate-controlled, pest-free environment. They won’t be gathering mildew in a basement or decaying in an attic.

Record keeping

Let us help you organize your files and create an efficient recordkeeping plan.

Together these benefits add up to cost savings and peace of mind, allowing your organization to focus on its core competencies and increase its organizational effectiveness.

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