Understanding a company’s record-keeping issues requires an assessment based on your needs. These services must focus on your entire records management process rather than merely the cost of storage. A CNA (Client Needs Assessment) is our diagnostic tool to reveal hidden risks. Recommendations for productivity improvements and cost savings are rooted in fact-based analysis and proof sources supported by your validation.

The Process

The automated process saves time and can be implemented immediately.

Outsourcing administrative support activities requires a partnership with that outsourced resource. Both parties must support the agreement to improve process management and control while reducing cost and risk. Costs and risks must be identified. Only then can you calculate savings and maximize your investment for the service.

Let Morgan Records Management conduct a no-risk, no-cost client needs assessment of your current records management system. Two approaches are available:

  • A simple needs assessment with a small investment of time
  • A more sophisticated approach with a questionnaire, interview, and site visit to offer recommendations for cost and efficiency improvements tailored to your unique business environment.

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