Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use a records management company?
Technology hasn’t eliminated paper completely. In many cases it has created even more! The management of paper costs your business time and money, and the risk of mismanagement can be a substantial liability. What’s more, local and national regulations are increasingly dictating how you should maintain your company’s information.

A records management company can help you manage all of these issues.
Is “records management” limited to paper document storage?
Records management can include storage, scanning, archiving, online backup, integration and – when necessary – destruction of all types of media, electronic files, digital files, imagery, film and other physical property.

Morgan Records Management integrated Records Management Solutions cover the 4 pillars of records management: physical record storage, data protection, document imaging and secure destruction.
Why should I choose Morgan Records for my records management needs?
Protection - Peace of Mind:
As the leader in the industry, Morgan Records can provide secure storage for all your physical documents and digital information, and give you fast and easy access to the records / files when you need them. When you are done with this information, we can securely destroy it for recycling. In addition, Morgan Records can provide high-level protection for your company’s data, so you can rest assured it is protected against disaster, theft, and breach. And, if you do suffer a loss of data at your business, you can have peace of mind knowing your information is safely backed up and can be replaced almost immediately.

Efficiency - Time and Cost Savings:
If you rely on Morgan Records, your employees and resources can be dedicated to core business activities rather than managing records. Storing documents and information off-site also frees up valuable storage space and equipment in your facility. With Morgan Records expertise, you can manage your information and documents more efficiently and effectively, ultimately achieving the maximum cost efficiency.

Partnership – Achieving Service Excellence:
It is our mission to make it easy for you to take us as your trusted and reliable partner. We will listen, understand and anticipate your needs. We provide service excellence through customer-centric innovation.
How long has Morgan Records Management been in business?
Morgan Records Management has been in the records management business since 1997 and continues to grow as a financially sound and viable leader in the industry.

Our integrated Records Management Solutions cover the 4 pillars of records management: physical record storage, data protection, document imaging and secure destruction.
What are Morgan Records values?
Our Mission: We make it easy.
Our Vision: Deliver sustainable value through innovation.
Our Values: Quality, efficiency, people, safety, respect and ethics.

Service quality is at the heart of everything we do and we set the standards for our industry with accredited qualifications including HIPAA Compliance training, members of Prism International, and Records Nations.
How do I make a disaster contingency plan?
Organizations are increasingly concerned about their exposure to potential downtime and business interruption from unforeseen situations. To help mitigate risk, Morgan Records has developed comprehensive site-level Business Continuity Plans (BCPs). These BCPs provide for an organized and effective response to service disruption caused by either internal or external factors, such as a pandemic, hurricanes or floods. With these well-designed BCPs in place, we are able to respond to disasters by quickly establishing alternative operating procedures that enable us to maintain seamless service to our customers.
What types of business does Morgan Records typical work with?
Morgan Records provides tailored records management solutions to thousands of customers across a breadth of industries and of all sizes – from Banking and Finance to Healthcare and Insurance to Legal and other business services.
To what standards are Morgan Records Storage Center maintained?
Morgan Records maintains the highest standards for facility construction and maintenance in the records management industry. We continuously invest in our Records Center - adopting remotely monitored alarm systems, digital closed-circuit TV systems, infrared motion detection systems, fire detection and suppression, and access controls to uphold the highest standards of security and safety.

Our facility undergoes rigorous due diligence processes conducted by Risk Managers, Property Managers and expert consultants to establish compliance with all national and local regulations. Routine maintenance programs ensure the integrity of the building material, fire and security systems and racking. In addition, all facilities are subject to property loss inspections by our insurers, customers and expert personnel to identify areas for possible improvement.
How do I know which records management solutions fit my company’s needs?
Morgan Records will work closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company, your business processes, and your records management needs. We will consider every aspect of your company’s document lifecycle including:

Processes currently in place
Who must see the document
How active the document is and how often the document will need to be accessed
How documents should be linked as part of internal decision and operational processes
How often the document requires multi-access
How the document should be retained to comply with internal and external policies

Once this information is collected and analyzed, Morgan Records will propose a tailored records management solution designed to address your specific needs.
Can I track the location of my physical documents at any given time?
You can access your documents via our online solution from anywhere at any time:-

Morgan Records On-line Solutions provide you with:

State-of-the-art software without costly investments in hardware, software or additional IT resources.
Instant, secure, multiple-user access to track the entire cycle of collection / delivery.
Access to enable or disable any authorized users.
Activity or item history reports for budgeting purposes.
Auto-reminder of when records / documents can be securely destroyed.
What if I need access to my original documents?
After documents have been digitized, Morgan Records will store them for a period of 30 days at no charge. Thereafter, we can archive them in one of our Records Center or securely destroy them upon request. To order an original document, our customers can place their request via Morgan Records On-line Solution to have the physical document delivered as quickly as possible.
What is the difference between Morgan Records physical and digital records management solutions?
Physical records management solutions refer to the retrieval, indexing, storage, and delivery of actual hard-copy paper documents.

Digital document management solutions involve converting physical documents into digital format for easy retrieval and integration into business systems and network.
Why should I convert my files and records to digital format?
Digital Solutions provide a number of strategic benefits, including:
  • Cost savings on storage
  • Immediate, simultaneous access by multiple users across multiple locations who might require documents in varying media formats.
  • Increased productivity and transactional activities by eliminating downtime in waiting, streamlining touch points, and improving overall workflow.
  • Reduced risk from losing valuable information contained in original documents.
  • Increased protection from theft, encroachment, or natural disaster.
  • Consistency and compliance with local and national regulations.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
How do you convert files to digital format?

Collection, Preparation and Sorting: During this step, Morgan Records prepares documents for scanning by removing staples, paper clips, tape, etc., and then batches the documents by type, organizes them with batch separator sheets, and assigns bar codes.

Scanning and Conversion: Morgan Records high-speed scanners read and convert physical documents into the digital formats that best meet your company’s needs.

Data Capturing and Processing: Morgan Records sophisticated Optical Character Recognition, (OCR), and Integer Character Recognition, (ICR), software applications are used to capture specific data, (regardless of where it is contained within the document), for the purpose of indexing, tracking, and rapid recovery.

Quality Assurance / Verification: While Morgan Records Indexing function achieves, on average, a 90-percent accuracy rate, we also verify all images and indexed fields via automated processes and designated Morgan Records staff.

Digital Archiving: Images will then be captured in CDRs or DVDs, subject to your company’s requirements.

Why should I use Morgan Records offsite backup storage service?

Any organizations that need to protect their system information and ensure reliable backup and storage of their data can benefit from Morgan Records Media Management Solutions:

Regulatory Compliance: Offsite media tape storage fulfills the audit process and disaster recovery regulatory requirements set forth by local and national regulations.

Rotation Scheduling: Morgan Records can manage your backup scheduling to ensure the right media tapes are always cycled, so your IT staff can focus on other tasks.

Disaster Recovery: With very few exceptions, every company’s day-to-day business functions rely on computer systems. Morgan Records ensures your data is always available for timely recovery in the event of a disaster or unexpected disruption.

Business Continuity: Restoring your data is one thing, continuing business “as usual” is quite another. Morgan Records helps minimizing disruption and maintaining operations seamlessly from the moment disaster strikes.

How familiar is Morgan Records with industry regulations regarding proper destruction?
Morgan Records team members are expert in and compliant with numerous local and globally applicable regulations.
How much material does Morgan Records recycle?
Morgan Records collects, shreds and sends out tons of material each year for recycling. We are always exploring new ways to reduce waste and work greener.
Why should I use Morgan Records for my secure destruction needs?

By partnering with Morgan Records to destroy sensitive or confidential materials, you can gain significant peace of mind knowing your documents are transported and destroyed with absolute security and confidentiality.

Maximum Protection at Minimal Expense: Morgan Records safeguards your sensitive and confidential materials throughout the destruction process with a closed loop system that protects your materials from beginning to end. Your risk of loss, breach, or disaster is mitigated.

Confidence and Security: Morgan Records has established stringent qualification and training standards to ensure we provide your organization with professionals who perform unparalleled service.

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